Port de Barre

Who are Port de Barre?

Run by Tamsyn Butt, professional dancer and qualified dance teacher with 20 years experience, and Zoe Collings who has a background in 5*spa and wellness, the company aim to deliver dance based exercise which improves body alignment, posture and muscular toning. Port de Barre aim to inform clients by increasing awareness of the body as it transforms, encouraging them to think about their body from the ‘inside, out’ whilst challenging and improving core strength, flexibility and endurance. Port de Barre consider dance as a way of supporting the skeletal and muscular function of the body. Tamsyn’s subject knowledge combined with her passion to inspire and instil wellbeing, creates a psychology of learning where participants can benefit from achieving a lean dancer’s physique which is both strong and healthy.

What exactly is a Barre class?

Barre technique combines conditioning and strength training from Pilates, Yoga and Dance. Isometric movements are performed in order to fatigue muscles before stretching them. The result is a challenging workout which builds core strength, flexibility and improves alignment, posture and co ordination whilst burning fat and sculpting the body. This low impact exercise is ideal for ANYONE which is one of the reasons it is so popular. Tamsyn currently runs group classes at the Apthorp Centre on Monday and Wedensday evenings as well as daytime classes at Babington House and Bath Yoga Studio.

The class at Apthorp is Tamsyn’s signature Barre, Floor and Core class which involves more “floor barre” to complement rehabilitation by specifically building core strength to support the back. She also leads posture and alignment workshops as well as contemporary dance classes in Bath for children and adults.

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