Exercise Rehabilitation


Chiropractic is a holistic healthcare discipline. All aspects of a patient’s life are taken into consideration in order to reach the most accurate diagnosis and to establish the optimum plan of management. A fundamental aspect of this plan of management is rehabilitation. In most cases patients are, to some degree, deconditioned, which can have an adverse effect on the complaint that has brought them to the Centre. This may have arisen from a specific injury; from functional loss associated with degenerative processes; from disuse; fear avoidance behaviour; or pain inhibition (1).

It has been found that the use of exercise in conjunction with chiropractic spinal manipulation, speeds recovery and improves outcomes as well as minimising episodic recurrence (2). It has also been found that performing aerobic exercise is beneficial, with improvement of overall mood states and function (3).

Here at the Weston Chiropractic Centre we offer a full spinal rehabilitation programme to our patients. After completing the full chiropractic consultation your chiropractor will be able to identify the areas needed for rehabilitation in order to optimise your recovery.

The programmes are tailored to each individual, appreciating every patient as unique. The initial sessions are fully supervised, with you and your chiropractor working together. Your chiropractor will ensure you have a full understanding of all elements of the rehabilitation, taking you through each exercise step by step, starting from the basics building your strength, endurance, balance and co-ordination (4) allowing you to progress through the programme and to restore your confidence.



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